Getting Started With RSocket Kotlin

RSocket is a transport protocol designed for reactive applications. More information on RSocket can be found on their website, leaving me to focus on writing about how RSocket and Kotlin can be combined. RSocket has several libraries written in various languages ​​that implement the RSocket protocol. For Kotlin, this comes as an extension for Ktor … Read more

Modern App Security Requires Defense in Depth

Perimeter security has been dying a slow death over the better part of a decade, as breaches of the corporate network have become commonplace. Most organizations now find it obvious that trusting devices and users merely for being “on the corpnet” is insufficient to maintain security in the face of evolving threats. At the same … Read more

Revoking Access to JWTs With a Blacklist/Deny List

Depending on who you listen to, JWTs are either a panacea for all your authentication problems or should be avoided like the plague. What Is a JWT? A JWT, or JSON Web Token, is a string/token issued by the server that asserts properties contained in its “payload”. Its most common use case is for authentication … Read more

How Do You Integrate Emissary Ingress With OPA

API gateways play a vital role while exposing microservices. They are an additional hop in the network that the incoming request must go through in order to communicate with the services. An API gateway does routing, composition, protocol translation, and user policy enforcement after it receives a request from the client and then reverse proxies … Read more

Working with Salesforce APIs? Of CORS!

The fundamental capabilities of the internet can be boiled down to one simple interaction: a call and a response. One machine (the client) sends requests to another machine (the server), which responds with a reply. This back-and-forth request-and-response cycle is how every phone, television, smart fridge, or computer sends and receives data. However, there are … Read more

A Playbook to Properly Implement Pay As You Go Pricing for Your API Product

Usage-based pricing, consumption-based pricing, and PAYG (Pay As You Go) are relatively new SaaS pricing models that enable you to drive top-of-line growth while also increasing net revenue retention over more traditional subscription pricing models such as a license. or seat-based pricing. With Pay As You Go, a customer only needs to pay for what … Read more

How I Built My Own Insomnia Plugin

Insomnia is an open-source API client that helps you test and debug GraphQL, gRPC, and REST API endpoints. As powerful as Insomnia is, sometimes you want to extend its functionality even further, which you can do with plugins. There are many great plugins available on the Insomnia Plugin Hub, all contributed by the open-source community. … Read more

Django POST requests from Postman forbidden after HEROKU DEPLOYMENT

I uploaded my Django REST Framework project to Heroku after following the steps carefully. In my project, I used BEARER tokens with jwt. My database is PostgreSQL which is provided by Heroku. It worked perfect while working locally but after deployment, I couldn’t send requests through Postman. Any ideas? 2022-06-04T16:36:50.456061+00:00 heroku[router]: at=info method=POST path=”/api/login” … Read more