javascript – React chart Js2 and Material table not resizing after a page resize

I am developing a single page application with React, in which I have a landing page that works as a dashboard with graphs and a summary table. Both the table and the graphs are enclosed within the basic components <Card> and <CardContent>. However, I have the following problem, when I resize the page, or simply … Read more

python – How to resize custom tickbox images in Tkinter.ttk created with the element_create() method of ttk.Style() object?

I managed to define a function on_resizewhich resizes my font and images on widgets after scaling the window. For the comboboxes reizing the text seems to be a bug (?) as they need to be adressed with an additional command. Now everything resizes perfectly, except the tickbox, which I created. Even the default tickboxes won’t … Read more

Vertical Resize Code

Vertical Resize Code I have some code I’m trying to write for a CS class. On resizing BMP files. I’ve already done horizontal resizing, but I just can’t figure out the … Read more

Jquery .height() not updating on window resize

$(document).ready(function() { // Select and loop the containers element of the elements you want to equalise $(‘.achievements-block’).each(function() { // Cache the highest var min_highestBox = 0; // Select and loop the elements you want to equalise $(‘.grid-item.single’, this).each(function() { // If this box is higher than the cached highest then store it if ($(this).height() > … Read more