Initial Results of the Intel and Aible Benchmark and Case Studies Report Released

Earlier this year, Aible, the only enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) solution that guarantees impact in one month, announced the initial results of the Intel and Aible Benchmark Study, a collaboration that is helping enterprises fast-track benefits from advanced analytics and AI, while also evaluating server vs. serverless architecture. According to MIT-BCG, only “a mere 10% … Read more

statistics bootstrap – Bootstrapping bioequivalence results R

I am trying to run a bootstrap simulation of a bioequivalence study in R with 3 pharmacokinetic parameters (AUC0-infinity [AUCIFO]AUClast [AUCLST]Cmax [CMAX]). I want to sample with replacement from the actual study dataset to increase the sample size from 25 to 100, perform the BE calculation (using the bw2x2 function from the BE package), and … Read more

C++ Bulls and Cows Program DOESN’T SAVE the FILE of the results (of the game) when the player/computer WINS

PROBLEMS: It doesn’t work when the computer or player wins the game. It only saves when the game ends in a draw. Sometimes it loops. (1) Do you want to save the results >> (2) Try again >> No (3) Do you want to save the results (It asks again. When it should have ended … Read more

java – Embedded Tomcat 9 upgrade from 7 results in JDBC Resources being dropped from JNDI

I have a perfectly functional standalone product using embedded Tomcat 7.0.70 with Spring 5.3.20 which interacts with several databases and provides a REST API interface. However when I attempt to upgrade Tomcat to 9.0.62, it seems the JDBC Context Resources declared in the Tomcat object are not being preserved in the JNDI Context. Please may … Read more

position – How to verify results of Pyephem

I want to see “in my sky” how many satellites I can see. I’m using this code: sat_alt, sat_az, sat_name = [], [], [] observer = ephem.Observer() observer.long = Longitude = Latitude = TimeNow HowMany = 0 print “TIME: “, TimeNow print GPS_list=”” GPS2_list=”” GLONASS_list=”” GLONASS2_list=”” #’’).readlines() tles = urllib2.urlopen(GPS_list).readlines() tles = [item.strip() … Read more

excel – PowerQuery – How can i make my queries more compact or a better way to do show the same results?

Im wondering how i could make my queries be less queries. I have not created the queries inside Advanced Editor, but Ive started to look at this and try to use it more. I have a database called Source_VSL√∂senord, which has all tickets from a department, and another database called Source_Members which has both inactive … Read more

c – Monte Carlo Simulation of Percolation is not Giving Expected Results

I’ve started working my way through the Princeton Algorithms course on Coursera. The course uses Java, but I decided to follow along with C as it is what I am most comfortable with. One of the assignments has you write a program to estimate the value of the percolation threshold via a Monte Carlo simulation … Read more