Retry consuming messages while processing concurrently using reactor kafka

I have a project where I consume messages from an incoming topic process it and send them to outgoing topic. Now consider that the outgoing topic is down because of some infrastructure issue resulting in error while sending the message. In this case, I am committing till the last successful message (processed and send to … Read more

3 Ways to Retry Failures In Your Serverless Application | by Allen Helton | Jun, 2022

Learn how to handle errors in your event-driven workflows from a low, medium, and high level. Image by jburson from Pixabay A few years ago when I got into serverless development and event driven architectures, there was so much of mystique and wonder. I didn’t know the purpose of an event bus, I couldn’t wrap … Read more

WebFlux reactor kafka retry mechanism is not invoking the process method

May I know what’s wrong in my code as the retry mechanism is not working as expected. In my understanding processRecord method should be invoked with every retry. @EventListener(ApplicationReadyEvent.class) public void processEvent() {“processEvent:: started..”); Scheduler scheduler = Schedulers.newBoundedElastic(threadPoolConfig.getThreadCap(), threadPoolConfig.getQueuedTaskCap(), threadPoolConfig.getThreadPrefix(), threadPoolConfig.getTtlSeconds()); Flux<ReceiverRecord<String, String>> receiverRecordFlux = Flux.defer(requestReactiveKafkaConsumerTemplate::receive); receiverRecordFlux.groupBy(m -> m.receiverOffset().topicPartition()) .doOnNext(partitionFlux ->“processEvent:: topicPartition {}”, … Read more