javascript – in nodejs+express how to prevent from returning all multiple added chat messages twice? and only return the single added message once

[I am trying to make a littlechat with + node express, the problem is that when emitting the socket it returns in the browser not only the message that I have added, but all the previous ones, so that in the browser view I only have correct messages added i have to refresh the … Read more

c++ – SetNamedSecurityInfo() returning function ACCESS_IS_DENIED (error code 5 in Winerror.h) even when the application is run as admin

To set OWNER_SECURITY_INFORMATIONthe calling process must have WRITE_OWNER access, or must be the owner of the object or have the SE_TAKE_OWNERSHIP_NAME privilege enabled or SE_RESTORE_NAME when you set not self SID as the owner of object. And you don’t need to set the SID of the owner of the object necessary. The following sample work … Read more

amazon redshift – Stored Procedure not returning any data but executed successfully

Below stored procedure executing sucessfully but not returning any data, could you please help me in addressing the issue CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE fact.build_poh_fact(p_days_back integer, p_days_to integer) LANGUAGE plpgsql AS $$ DECLARE l_days_back INT; l_begin_ts TIMESTAMP; l_days_to INT; l_end_ts TIMESTAMP; l_update_ts TIMESTAMP; BEGIN if p_days_back IS NULL THEN l_days_back := 7; ELSE l_days_back := p_days_back; … Read more

c# – Returning ID from not yet created linked table index

I’m currently working on the database integration of my internship project using EntityFrameworkCore.Jet version 3.11. I cant upgrade because I’m using an MS Access database I’m facing issues when creating a row in my databse that needs to recover infos from a precedently created row in another table. I need, from the subclass, return the … Read more