IT career roadmap: Data scientist

Data science involves using scientific methods, algorithms, and systems to extract insights from structured and unstructured data. As a discipline, data science synthesizes mathematics, statistics, computer science, domain knowledge, and other inputs to analyze events and trends. In a world gone digital, data scientists are among the most highly sought IT professionals. Fundamentally, a data … Read more

IT career roadmap: Director of engineering

A director of engineering oversees and guides an organization’s engineering department, including ensuring that engineering goals line up with the organization’s mission and priorities. In many cases, these executives are involved in administrative, financial, and human resource functions within the department. The duties of a director of engineering vary among enterprises in terms of scope … Read more

Career roadmap: Head of engineering

The head of engineering presides over an organization’s front- and back-end development teams, driving the design, strategy, and implementation of integrated systems, according to Cleverism, a career services site. This individual leads development teams and collaborates with other business departments in sales, marketing, and finance, in the effort to roll out new applications and implement … Read more

Career roadmap: Data engineer | InfoWorld

Data engineering combines elements of software engineering and data science and is one of the fastest-growing roles in IT. According to, data engineers develop and maintain the architecture used in data science projects. They are responsible for ensuring that data flows between servers and applications uninterrupted. Data must be familiar with a range of … Read more

Career roadmap: Machine learning scientist

Like machine learning engineers, machine learning scientists are in high demand in today’s job market. That’s because organizations are eager to adopt machine learning-powered tools to enhance the value of their data and analytics and add automation to processes. IDG Amy Steier, principal machine learning scientist at the developer tools provider, Demand for machine … Read more