A mid-price sweeping, mopping and auto-empty robot

People buy robot vacuum cleaners to make their daily cleaning easier and effortless. But standalone robot vacuums have a small dustbin, which is good for a few cycles but it does require human intervention regularly to empty. And emptying the onboard dustbin on a robot vacuum cleaner can become a tedious task if you have … Read more

javascript – Why does my Discord.js robot keep disconnecting

My discord.js bot keeps on disconnecting from Discord during the night. My discord bot works, and I’m hosting it on replit and using UptimeRobot to ping my bot. It works during the day, but sometime during the night, it disconnects. Does anyone have a fix? const express = require(‘express’); const app = express(); const port … Read more

Robot Navigation(Artificial Intelligence – Breadth-First Search Algorithmns C++

The output is not showing full navigation direction/path using the below code: Output Please help me to fix the code and show me where it is wrong at. vector<Cardinal> BFS(Agent& aAgent) { vector<CoordinatePath> lDetermined; // Set of determined nodes, contains path to given node from Agent starting point. queue<Coordinate> lNodeQueue; // Queue of nodes left … Read more