wordpress – Add new rows with custom checkout fields to order totals in Woocommerce new order email

On my website I’m using Checkout Fields Manager plugin, where I have made some custom fields at checkout – billing section. The fields are: „Czy na fakturę?”, „Nazwa firmy”, „NIP”. They mean consecutively „Do you want an invoice?”, „Company name” and „Tax number”. screenshot1 I want to display the custom fields „Czy na fakturę?”, „Nazwa … Read more

python – How to remove dataframe rows with empty objects

Here is a way to do what your question asks based on the annotation column which contains values ​​that look like lists but are actually strings: df = df[df.annotation.apply(eval).str.len() > 0] Column annotation from sample input (taken from df.head(15) in your question): annotation 0 [‘dad with recent heart attcak’] 1 [‘mom with “thyroid disease’] 2 … Read more

python – Drop rows with gps coordinates which are too close to each other

I have a huge dataset with lat/lon coordinates and some features (it’s about public transport). My purpose is to find a number of traffic lights on a route. The problem is, that the datastructure doesn’t allow to get separate routes and I have to operate with the whole dataset which covers several months and has … Read more

c# – npgsql: How to select multiple rows (with multiple column values) with npgsql in one command with a collection as a parameter?

I have two tables defined below, supplier_balances and supplier_balance_items (btw there is a 1[supplier_balance]:N[supplier_balance_items] relationship between the two): CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS sch_brand_payment_data_lake_proxy.supplier_balances ( /* id is here for joining purposes with items table, instead of joining with the 4 columns used for sake of making sure a record is deemed as unique */ … Read more

sql – XML ​​Cross Apply Assist – Secondary level and multiple rows

I was wondering if someone could assist me with some XML work I am doing on SQL, frustratingly theyve asked for further information and struggling. Attached is the XML: <pagedata> <BinderSections REPEATINGTYPE=”PageList”> <rowdata REPEATINGINDEX=”1″> <Compliance> <CoverholderOrAnyTPA>false</CoverholderOrAnyTPA> <StandardLMAISOIBC>true</StandardLMAISOIBC> <IsCanadianCertificatedNew>true</IsCanadianCertificatedNew> <StandardDistributionChannels>true</StandardDistributionChannels> <IsSalesVolumeRemuneration>false</IsSalesVolumeRemuneration> <Microenterprises>false</Microenterprises> <Howmanycompliantsover12mnths>No</Howmanycompliantsover12mnths> <AnyUnusualOrNonStandardPayments>false</AnyUnusualOrNonStandardPayments> <DoBarriersToExit>false</DoBarriersToExit> <IsTerritorySpecificCompliants>true</IsTerritorySpecificCompliants> <IsLlyodsCanadianComplaintsNew>true</IsLlyodsCanadianComplaintsNew> <IsAddOnOrSoldSupplementary>false</IsAddOnOrSoldSupplementary> <Consumer>false</Consumer> <NonSMEPercentage>false</NonSMEPercentage> <IsCanadianStatutoryRightsNew>true</IsCanadianStatutoryRightsNew> <NewProduct>false</NewProduct> <MasterPolicies>false</MasterPolicies> <ApprovalNotes>false</ApprovalNotes> <IsCanadianConsumerRightsResponsibilitiesNew>true</IsCanadianConsumerRightsResponsibilitiesNew> <BindingAuthAcquisitionCost>false</BindingAuthAcquisitionCost> … Read more