javascript – Return only alphanumeric and normal space between words even for RTL

For any JavaScript environment that supports ECMAScript 2018+ standard, you can use .replace(/[^p{L}p{N}]+/gu, ” “) where /[^p{L}p{N}]+/gu matches multiple occurrences (g) of one or more (+) characters that are not Unicode letters (p{L}) and digits (p{N}). The u flag enables the use of Unicode property classes like p{…}. function simplifyUserName(name) { return name.toLowerCase().replace(/[^p{L}p{N}]+/gu, ” “).trim(); … Read more

javascript – How to make RTL layout for Highcharts Stock chart?

I have NUXT JS Project installed with “highcharts”: “^10.1.0” package. I created three plugins 1. highcharts.js 2. default.js 3. dark.js. highcharts.js import Stock from ‘highcharts/modules/stock’; if (typeof Highchart === ‘object’) { Stock(Highchart); } export default ( { app }, inject ) => { inject(‘highChart’, Highchart); } default.js export default { colors: [ “#7cb5ec”, “#434348”, “#90ed7d”, … Read more