Having issues running a simple function upon clicking on a hyperlink using Javascript

I am trying to use querySelectorAll to pickup all my href tags with classname “individual_email_click”. Whenever someone clicks on any of the hyperlink with this classname thereafter, I want to run a function call “open_email”. The below code is however not working. Anyone can help please? Thank you. This is the relevant javascript. document.addEventListener(‘DOMContentLoaded’, function() … Read more

ssl – Replace certificates in a running java application

It is possible but not supported out of the box. I had the same challenge for one of my projects. I resolved it by wrapping the KeyManager and TrustManager instance into a delegating one and I added an additional method to set the internal KeyManager and TrustManager whenever I want to replace to old one. … Read more

Intel realsense R200: Errors when running ‘make’

I am trying to install the libraries necessaries to run Intel Realsense R200 in my Linux Mint distribution. For that I follow the steps defined under this link: https://github.com/IntelRealSense/librealsense/blob/v1.12.1/doc/installation.md. Everything works fine till I execute on step 5 the command make && sudo make install. Then I get the output showed below. Does anyone know … Read more

ios – Error running pod install Error launching application on iPhone 13 Pro

I am trying to run my application in ios simulator but i am getting below error. The application was running okay but then i uninstalled xcode and when i was installing it back i started getting the error below Running pod install… CocoaPods’ output: ↳ Preparing Analyzing dependencies Inspecting targets to integrate Using `ARCHS` setting … Read more

Running Python Script on the Web Using PyScript— The Next Big Thing? | by Yong Cui | May, 2022

Probably if it continues to evolve Photo by Jackson So on Unsplash During the 2022 PyCon US conference, one of the keynote speakers Peter Wang unveiled PyScript — a way to write Python script directly within HTML. If you don’t know Peter, you may have heard of Anaconda, which is one of the most popular … Read more

c – Program behaves different when running with Valgrind

I have a problem debugging my application with Valgrind (memcheck). It behaves differently than when I run it standalone. There is a place in the code where it tries to determine the associated network interface with MAC address via an IP address. This is done by iterating over all existing interfaces, first using ioctl(sock, SIOCGIFADDR, … Read more

Flutter: Null check operator used on a null value only when running in release mode, not debug

When I run this demo code (TabBarView) in debug mode, everything works fine. But when I run the demo into release mode “Flutter run –release”, i get Null check operator used on a null value. I tried ‘flutter pub cache repair’, but it didnt work. After I tap on the different bars it starts working. … Read more