java – Save and recover state of game object in Android

The bounty expires in 7 days. Answers to this question are eligible for a +100 reputation bounty. John Smith wants to draw more attention to this question. I am trying to save and recover the state of a simple game I made in Android. I am utilizing, the following events: onSaveInstanceState(), onBackPressed(), onCreate() … Read more

excel – Using VBA in Userform, I have searched and found data, made changes, and now want to save the updated data back to the worksheet

I have VBA for a Userform that searches a worksheet, finds data via a combobox, and populates the controls. How do I save any updates to that data back to the worksheet? Also, my checkboxes aren’t working correctly. They don’t show what was previously checked or not checked. How do I fix that? I appreciate … Read more

javascript – Im trying to create a webapp that utilize dictionary api + also save the data to a database after onsubmit, I’m having issues being able to do that

I’m trying to create a web app that utilizes dictionary API + also saves the data to a database using MySQL after submitting using javascript, I’m having issues displaying the result while asynchronously post to the datable I’ve created multiple methods options and I’m still having issues METHOD 1 <html> <head> <title>Webapp</title> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”” … Read more

Only DevSecOps can save the metaverse

Defined as a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on enhancing social connections through conventional personal computing and virtual reality and augmented reality headsets, the metaverse was once a fringe concept that few thought much, if anything, about. But more recently it was thrust into the limelight when Facebook decided to rebrand as Meta, and … Read more

Sending Posix message via pipe

Sending Posix message via pipe I have the following file called helper.h, which I want to call in server and client files later. Code: #ifndef HELPER_H #include <iostream> … Read more

java – i need to add a new table for favorite list that if the user entered with log in information it can save user favorite list but i dont know how

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python – Split pdf from A4 into A6 quarters and don’t save empty quarters

Do not judge strictly, I’m a self-taught beginner))) Please help me figure out how to share I learned both with the help of PyPDF2 and with the help of PyMuPDF (fitz). But when splitting, it often happens that there is text in only one quarter, but it writes all 4 quarters to the new file, … Read more