functional programming – Problem with given instances writing MTL style code with Scala cats

Problems with inference seem to be one of the reasons why the particular MTL implementation that you linked is relying on traits such as MonadPartialOrder instead of MonadTransformer-typeclasses. Basically, what happens here is this: When you want to get from F to G The MonadPartialOrder-approach asks for a bridge from F to G Your approach … Read more

scala – Metals VS Code connection to build server failing

I’ve set up a Scala project with the metals extension and when importing the build.sbt, this fails and im provided with the following error message and this metals.logFailed to connect with build server, no functionality will work. See logs for more details. metals.logDue to there only being 30.000 chars allowed and the log being 40.000+ … Read more

Writing a Chat With Akka

Ah, writing chats. So simple yet so complex. Yes, writing chats — as in coding them, not chatting (though that might prove to be problematic too, but that’s a whole different problem). If you’re looking for a step-by-step tutorial on implementing the backend for a basic multichannel chat, read on. So let’s dive into the … Read more

XSS Prevention Cheatsheet – DZone Security

XSS, or Cross-Site Scripting, is one of the most common vulnerabilities found in applications. In bug bounty programs of different organizations, XSS consistently ranks as the most common vulnerability found. Today, let’s learn how these attacks work, how they manifest in code, and how to prevent them in your programming language. Let’s dive right in! … Read more