Implement a Scalable WebSocket Server With Spring Boot, Redis Pub/Sub, and Redis Streams | by KBryan | Jun, 2022

Scaling WebSocket server horizontally using Spring Boot, Redis Pub/Sub, and Redis Streams Photo by Andreas Wagner on Unsplash This is a follow-up to my previous article on the design considerations for scaling the WebSocket server horizontally. In this article, I will go into detail on how we can implement that using Redis Pub/Sub and Redis … Read more

Refactoring for Scalable Python Code With Pandas | by Charlie Shelbourne | May, 2022

Python design pattern for writing scalable data-wrangling pipelines Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash Some of the beauties of Python are its flexibility and simplicity. However, these abilities are a double-edged sword. If you do not put the work in early on, to design reusable, manageable, and testable code, you will run into progress issues … Read more

What is a data lake? Massively scalable storage for big data analytics

In 2011, James Dixon, then CTO of the business intelligence company Pentaho, coined the term data lake. He described the data lake in contrast to the information silos typical of data marts, which were popular at the time: If you think of a data mart as a store of bottled water—cleansed and packaged and structured … Read more

Scalable JWT Token Revokation in Spring Boot

With stateless JWT Tokens for security, short TTLs (1 min) can be used. These tokens are then refreshed during their time to live. If the server does not get to know when a user has logged out, a token of a logged-out user could continue to be refreshed. One solution for this problem will be … Read more