The Magic of Self-Managing Teams. How to scale your engineering… | by Lawrence Bruhmuller | Jul, 2022

How to scale your engineering organization to move fast and build the right things After growing up a sports fan, but mostly watching football and basketball, I’ve become a big soccer fan as an adult. After years of watching the game (mostly the English Premier League) and seeing teams tinker with their “formations”, I’ve been … Read more

How to Scale Agile and DevOps

97% of companies expect to keep some level of remote working post-pandemic. So, to stay competitive, companies must speed up application integration, development, and delivery. To adapt to changing customer needs and market opportunities, companies need flexibility. Because of this, many companies are turning into agile and DevOps – those that master them see a … Read more

Scale github workflow with AWS ECS | by Shekhar Jha

using a self-hosted runner without access keys, complex lambda functions, or Kubernetes clusters Architecture for GitHub self-hosted runner infrastructure on ECS for GitHub workflows GitHub actions allow automation of CI/CD pipelines to automate build and deployment. It provides the ability to run the pipeline operation on either GitHub-hosted VMs or self-hosted runners. Using self-hosted runners … Read more

Challenges to Designing Data Pipelines at Scale

This is an article from DZone’s 2022 Data Pipelines Trend Report. For more: Read the Report The current challenge in the world of data is no longer in the processing capacity of volumes of data. Because of the performance of modern current streaming platforms and owing to a new generation of data repositories that allow … Read more

Geographic Scale With Virtual Machines and Kubernetes Nodes

In my last post, we looked at how we can deploy CockroachDB across multiple regions in Azure with the help of Cilium CNI. In this post, we evolve this architecture to allow for the use of a mix of Kubernetes pods and virtual machines. Because CockroachDB is a single binary it makes it easy to … Read more

How To Manage Multiple Docker Containers at Scale | by Matt Bentley | May, 2022

A guide for managing Docker containers at scale, including development, continuous integration, environment promotion, and DevSecOps Credit: With the rise of containers and container orchestrators, Docker has become a must-have skill for all modern-day programmers. This article is for anyone who builds custom container images from their application code, whether you are using Kubernetes … Read more