Web Scraping Using C# and .NET. Turn web pages into structured data | by Martin Cerruti | Jul, 2022

Turn web pages into structured data Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash Even though C# has established itself as a reliable programming language, mostly in the realms of back-end applications, it isn’t the first language that comes to mind when you’re looking to build a web scraper. While C#’s rigid type system may feel inflexible … Read more

Scrapy scraping Multiple items in one line

i cam is currently scraping a website using scrapy, and having a problem of getting multiple items which is in one line getting two text in one line. gifen a code, <dd class=”star”> <dl class=”info_star”> <dt class=”tit_t1″>users</dt> <dd> <div class=”star_t1″> <a href=”/movie/bi/mi/point.naver?code=214637#pointAfterTab”><span class=”st_off”><span class=”st_on” style=”width:71.2%”></span></span><span class=”num”>7.12</span><span class=”num2″> <em>32</em>people</span></a><!– N=a:nol.urating –> </div> <span class=”split”>|</span> </dd> <dt … Read more

Python how to get information about Youtube video from Youtube video id WITHOUT WEB SCRAPING

So I wanted to get information about the Youtube playlists I have created, so I used Google takeout and got a bunch of .csv files like this: Playlist Id,Channel Id,Time Created,Time Updated,Title,Description,Visibility LL–2uyGZ5xJWulPXe2p7YDw,UC–2uyGZ5xJWulPXe2p7YDw,2022-03-20 14:54:43 UTC,2022-04-24 05:42:54 UTC,Liked videos,,Private Video Id,Time Added JMFep9n0izQ,2022-04-24 05:42:54 UTC XjeLE4A5Fu0,2022-04-24 05:27:53 UTC 7LPXA0yM8iE,2022-04-24 04:58:10 UTC bT9jZfgRVvA,2022-04-24 04:56:04 UTC nikDvZhCy10,2022-04-24 02:43:53 … Read more