Screen Sharing in Java – DZone Java

Remote screen sharing is used in various applications and services, from web conferencing to remote access applications. A back-office employee can use it to consult a colleague on the frontline or a technical support specialist can use it to see exactly what their client sees. You may go with a third-party application like a TeamViewer. … Read more

A dock with a screen

Until recently, I didn’t really find myself in need of a docking station all that frequently, but even some of the best laptops today a very limited selection of ports, and even if you don’t have a ton of accessories, having a compact dock with some ports can be extremely helpful. That’s the market DockCase … Read more

sqlite – Mobile app in Python with Kivy-md(navigation drawer), runs well on laptop but crashes on android phone after the splash screen. Please guide

I have developed this Python Kivy/Kivymd mobile app and is on android phone but the app crashing after displaying the logo, i have used navigation drawer in kivym to create a menu of options.plz check my and kv file and the buildozer and suggest for any changes.Plz guide me on this earliest possible.This is … Read more

Design a Beautiful Loading Screen for Your iOS App | by Margels | May, 2022

Create aesthetic Dribbble-like UIs for your iOS app We’ve all been there. Creating our app, trying to make it work, and realizing we left the design behind. But who likes a perfect app with average looks? Not me! And probably you neither, considering as you’re still reading. If you’re looking for a simple but beautiful … Read more