Best icon packs on Android for customizing your home screen

The biggest advantage of using an Android phone is the ability to customize it. From changing elements on your home screen like the launcher, wallpaper, and widgets, to Substratum theming on some devices, Android gives you the freedom to change the way the software on your phone looks. For beginners, the customization starts with changing … Read more

Virtual Mac desktop is enticing, but it’s best used as a wearable large screen

I still remember meeting Xu Chi, the founder of augmented reality glasses maker Nreal, three years ago. We were meeting at a Hong Kong co-working space, just a few hours before he was set to fly to Las Vegas, where was going to introduce his company’s first augmented reality (AR) glasses at CES 2019. I … Read more

Apple releases iOS 16, bringing a redesigned Lock Screen and more

For many technophiles, including me, WWDC is the most exciting event of the year. During this annual (sometimes virtual) gathering, Apple previews the major updates coming later on to iPhones, iPads, and Macs. This year was no different, and we got to see what iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura pack. Since then, the … Read more

Displaying SQLite Data From the Flutter App on the iOS Home Screen | by Roman Cinis | Aug, 2022

Flutter vs. SwiftUI and Dart vs. Swift — from a Flutter developer’s perspective The background of this image is made by the starline Hey, devs! If you have already completed your Flutter project almost to perfection and are looking for other ways to improve UX when users work with your app (on iPhones, for example), … Read more

How can I navigate to a nested stack screen in a sibling tab navigator while preserving its initial screen? (React Navigation)

The Code: I’m using React Navigation 6 with the following hierarchy: MainTabNavigator HomeStack HomeScreen (HomeStack initial screen, contains a “Pay” button) OtherScreen MembershipStack MembershipHomeScreen (MembershipStack initial screen) PayMembershipScreen (should always navigate back to MembershipHomeScreen) The App launches into HomeScreen (inside HomeStack), so the MembershipStack tab won’t be loaded yet. There is a “Pay” button inside … Read more

Layouting in Jetpack Compose. Learn how to create a layout screen in… | by Aldo Surya Ongko | Jul, 2022

Learn how to create a layout screen in Android using Jetpack Compose Photo by Masakaze Kawakami on Unsplash Before Jetpack Compose exists, we define our layout in XML using LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, ConstraintLayout. So how do we apply in Jetpack Compose? From my last article, we learned the basics of Jetpack Compose. In this article, we … Read more