Kubernetes GraphQL Query in Go. Build GraphQL server for searching… | by Stefanie Lai | Jun, 2022

Build GraphQL server for searching Kubernetes resources in the cluster In shared-cluster governance, part of our responsibility is to allow users to access their resources, which we fulfill by RBAC to assign reasonable permissions and enable users’ queries via kubectl. “None barrier” to back-end developers, while not the case for users like mobile, web, and … Read more

Tired of searching Slack, GitHub, and Google Drive separately? Do it all at once in SQL

You know the drill: The words you are looking for might be in Slack, or GitHub, or Google Drive, or Google Sheets, or Zendesk, or … the list goes on. Searching across these silos is a common frustration. It should be frictionless, and this Steampipe dashboard makes it so. This wasn’t my first rodeo. I … Read more

c++ – wrong output searching in binary files using seekg() & seekp()

First, there is no way the code above will compile without error or warning. Specifically due to your use of: void setname(string tempname){ … tempname.copy(name , len); The .copy() member function is not a member of std::stringbut instead a member of std::basic_string_view (C++17). The compiler does not know what .copy() is in that circumstance. Instead, … Read more