linux – Network-Manager automatically disconnects after 20 seconds

I have a Quectel EG25-G setup but whenever I connect (right after a reboot) it connects for 20 seconds and then disconnects. It happens at the Jun 24 04:59:32 linux NetworkManager[5093]: <info> [1656046772.4569] device (ttyUSB2): state change: activated -> failed (reason ‘modem-no-carrier’, sys-iface-state: ‘managed’) Jun 24 04:59:32 linux NetworkManager[5093]: <warn> [1656046772.4677] device (ttyUSB2): Activation: failed … Read more

sql – I need to optimize the following pgsql select statement – its currently taking 34 avg seconds to execute

I have a view that shows all relations. I use the following select for the view: CREATE VIEW relationships AS SELECT DISTINCT, AS table_id, relations.related_table AS related_table, AS related_id, relations.foreign_column AS foreign_column_name, relations.local_column AS local_column_name, count(DISTINCT AS relationships, count(DISTINCT relations.referenced_tables) AS foreign_keys_count, count(DISTINCT relations.referencing_tables) AS references_count, count(DISTINCT related_table) AS related_tables_count, count(DISTINCT … Read more