Building GraphQL Server Using Schema-first Approach in Python | by Logesh | Jun, 2022

Handle CRUD operations with ease Photo by Douglas Lopes on Unsplash Schema-first approach is nothing but we first define the schema for our GraphQL service and then we implement the code by matching the definitions in the schema we defined. We will be using the Ariadne library for this. Ariadne is a Python library for … Read more

sql server – Exporting data to Excel with multiple worksheets from MS SQL Database through

My task is to import the data from the test_import table into multiple sheets of the same excel workbook. What I am trying to achieve is to fill up specific cells in the selected sheet with selected data columns that I have in my MS SQL database through VB.NET. I am currently undergoing my internship … Read more

sql server – Convert JSON data to T-SQL

I am new to SQL Server querying and need some help with querying the following JSON file in T-SQL. This is my JSON: { “12”: “GUARDIAN COURT”, “13”: “”, “14”: “”, “15”: “FERRES STREET”, “16”: “HEREFORD”, “17”: “”, “18”: “HR1 2LP”, “19”: “20001”, “20”: { “20[1_Asbestos_ID]”: “2000131/2”, “20[<Row_2>2<Col>Asbestos_ID]”: “2000132/3”, “20[<Row_3>3<Col>Asbestos_ID]”: “2000132/1”, “20[<Row_4>4<Col>Asbestos_ID]”: “2000135/3”, “20[<Row_5>5<Col>Asbestos_ID]”: “2000135/1”, … Read more

Spring Security 5 – Unable to start Spring Boot app configured with multiple external Authorization Servers if failed to connect to one Auth. Server

Background : Configure Spring Boot Application to support Multiple External Authorization Servers Example of : #First Authorization Server<client id><client secret><okta issuer> #Second Authorization Server<client id><client secret><azure ad issuer> Problem Description : At startup time Spring Boot will try to create a clientRegistrationRepository Bean based on the configuration info … Read more

c# – Installing .NET packages for use in IIS web server (Windows Server 2019)

nor visual studio installed in the system. I don’t know how people before me worked on this server, Well, then that is most of your challenge. you do NOT mess around with trying to install this, and that, and more on the web server. What you do is get your hands on the source code … Read more

flutter – is there a way to communicate to server without any delay

i am trying to create an chat system with the backend of laravel but the problem is how can i listen to the incoming messange and send message without showing loading spinner to the page this is how i tried to fetch message from api and store in my model static Future<Message?> getMessage(BuildContext context) async … Read more

scala – Metals VS Code connection to build server failing

I’ve set up a Scala project with the metals extension and when importing the build.sbt, this fails and im provided with the following error message and this metals.logFailed to connect with build server, no functionality will work. See logs for more details. metals.logDue to there only being 30.000 chars allowed and the log being 40.000+ … Read more

Kubernetes GraphQL Query in Go. Build GraphQL server for searching… | by Stefanie Lai | Jun, 2022

Build GraphQL server for searching Kubernetes resources in the cluster In shared-cluster governance, part of our responsibility is to allow users to access their resources, which we fulfill by RBAC to assign reasonable permissions and enable users’ queries via kubectl. “None barrier” to back-end developers, while not the case for users like mobile, web, and … Read more

Creating a Web Server Using Rust Rocket | by Joseph Talon | Jun, 2022

In this tutorial, we will go over how to use Rust’s Rocket web framework to create a simple web server/API image by author Rust is a very versatile language, with many applications from game engines to entire websites. Rust also has an active and healthy community, developing many useful packages. In this tutorial, we will … Read more