reactjs – How to set react routing?

App.js import ‘bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css’; import React from ‘react’; import { BrowserRouter, Routes, Route } from ‘react-router-dom’; function App() { return ( <> <BrowserRouter> <Routes> <Route path=”” element={<Home />} /> <Route path=”/student-register” element={<StudentSignup />} /> <Route path=”/staff-register” element={<StaffSignup />} /> <Route path=”/login” element={<Login />} /> <Route path=”/create-group” element={<ProtectedRoute><CreateGroup/></ProtectedRoute>} /> <Route path=”/request-supervisor” element={<ProtectedRoute><RequestSuperVisor/></ProtectedRoute>} /> <Route path=”/request-cosupervisor” element={<ProtectedRoute><RequestCoSuperVisor/></ProtectedRoute>} /> … Read more

python – Trying to add all the coordinates of a turtle into a set

So for the last collision of my tron ​​program, I want to record every movement each of my turtles makes into a set. Then I want to compare the set to the current position of the other turtle. How do I make that set? Something like this: positions_travelled_red = {(red.xcor(), red.ycor()), etc…)} positions_travelled_blue = {(blue.xcor(), … Read more

c# – How do I allow the user to set the form + control styles in WPF applications?

I’m just starting to make the transition from and winforms to c# and WPF and starting on my first app. I’ve done a lot of tutorials and now it’s time to try and put some things into practice. My first challenge is theming of my application. I want to present my user with a … Read more

Illegal Operation On Empty Result Set Java Netbeans

in my case, if I add new data, for example tank data, then when I enter the distribution calculation table and click the button, the data cannot be calculated, an error message appears. private void jButton2ActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) { try { java.sql.Connection cn = DriverManager.getConnection(“jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/surya_nusratim2″,”root”,””); ResultSet jumlah_sumber = cn.createStatement().executeQuery(“select count(*) from sumber”); ResultSet jumlah_minta = cn.createStatement().executeQuery(“select … Read more

Set Up a Dedicated Database Server on Raspberry Pi

There is certain gratification when you get a little “naked” mini-computer board to run the software you install on it. Maybe even your own application. Most (if not all) of the real-world applications I have implemented in one way or another to a database. It’s not a secret that relational databases are the most popular … Read more

android – How to set django csrf and session cookies in an ionic capacitor app

I am developing an Ionic 6 capacitor app, with a python Django backend. I am trying to set csrf and sessionid cookies to be able to query a backend api. So far everything works well in browser (both desktop and mobile), but does not seem to work in the built app. I am trying to … Read more

How To Set Up a Mailserver Within a Docker Swarm | by Paul Knulst | May, 2022

Ever wanted to have your own mail server? Learn how to set up your own personal mail server with this step-by-step guide Photo by Wayhomestudio / Freepik I run my own mail server to have generalized email addresses for different services. While I searched for a nice solution to put my mail server into a … Read more