“Fake It Till You Make It”: A Good Advice or a Setup for Failure? | by Vinita | Jun, 2022

The higher the goal, the higher the fear, the higher the courage Credit: Author When you’re just starting out or doing something new for the very first time — step up from your current role, a new job, or a task that you’ve never done before — will you have complete confidence in your skills … Read more

Instrumenting a JavaScript Application for OpenTelemetry, Part 1: Setup

A lot of what you read around the topic of Observability mentions the benefits and potential of analyzing data, but little about how you collect it. This process is called “instrumentation” and broadly involves collecting events in infrastructure and code that include metrics, logs, and traces. There are of course dozens of methods, frameworks, and … Read more

python – How to setup LSTM to use n-grams instead of sequence length?

To provide sequences of words instead of characters to an LSTM and have the LSTM predict words, the text will have to be tokenized differently. Instead of splitting the document into sequences of n characters, the document will have to be split into m words, and instead of having a vocabulary of distinct characters (the … Read more

reactjs – NGINX Setup to Match Proxy Middleware Configuration

I have the following setupProxy.js class that configures redirection for api calls to my server. const { createProxyMiddleware } = require(“http-proxy-middleware”); module.exports = function (app) { app.use( “/api/tours”, createProxyMiddleware({ target: “http://localhost:5000”, changeOrigin: true, }) ); }; My App.js looks like const App = () => { const { userDetails } = useContext(AuthContext); const { colorMode … Read more