Unable to link C shared library in go project

All I have create a custom package of a C shared library, here https://github.com/err-him/go-dcc In this repo I am creating the shared library using Makefile https://github.com/err- him/go-dcc/blob/main/Makefile When I use this library in this package itself, I am getting successful result but when some other package in GO uses it, it will throw linter error … Read more

java – How to update Rcyclerview after removing an Item from shared preferences

I have a few recyclerview in different activities and all of their items specified by sharedpreferences but after removing an item from sharedpreferences the recyclerview doesn’t update until I close the activity and open it back I tried notifyDataSetChanged() after removing the Item but it seems dose not work and here is the codes: this … Read more

Glue Your Happy Brains Together With Shared State

Operating under a shared reality is a competitive advantage, but most teams share state poorly. Let’s talk about gluing brains together! Image by Willi Heidelbach from Pixabay Computers and People Both Have “State” In computer systems, “state” is information that is remembered between interactions. A stateful service is one that keeps track of things that … Read more