Screen Sharing in Java – DZone Java

Remote screen sharing is used in various applications and services, from web conferencing to remote access applications. A back-office employee can use it to consult a colleague on the frontline or a technical support specialist can use it to see exactly what their client sees. You may go with a third-party application like a TeamViewer. … Read more

Build a Desktop Sharing Application With Nodejs, Electron, and | by Wajiha Abid | Jun, 2022

Done in 3 steps What is a Desktop Sharing Application? Desktop sharing application is a product that allows remote access and remote collaboration on another person’s desktop through an interface provided on your desktop. A famous example of such software is anyDesk, TeamViewer etc. There is one more way of screen sharing in which we … Read more

Sharing code using a

A 101 on how to share code across a Python project Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash You have the following project structure: ├── src ├── common ├──└── ├── config └── requirements.txt ├── project1 ├──└── ├── project2 ├──└──├── Where both sub-projects <project1> and <project2> have a file that … Read more