curl – Poetry – RuntimeError: No python executable found in shell environment. Tried: [‘python3’, ‘python’, ‘py.exe -3’, ‘py.exe -2’]

Goal: Get Poetry working via Git Bash. Issue Git Bash: HDS+dabell@PF2DCSXD MINGW64 ~/Anaconda3 $ curl -sSL | python Retrieving Poetry metadata This installer is deprecated. Poetry versions installed using this script will not be able to use ‘self update’ command to upgrade to 1.2.0a1 or later. # Welcome to Poetry! This will download and … Read more

Build a 24-Core Raspberry Pi Cluster From Scratch

A Raspberry Pi is a mini-computer board to which you can connect a monitor, mouse, and keyboard, and install a Linux-based operating system with a GUI. Or you can use it in “headless” mode with no GUI and run, for example, a database server. There are many usages you can give a Raspberry Pi—from building … Read more

bash – Centos 8 – simple command in a shell script run with sudo privelige says “command not found”

I’m trying to run script as sudo that’s throwing errors on very simple commands on CentOS Linux release 8.4.2105 VM. The script works fine when run without sudo. “myuser” is a valid sudo user. Here is the script as run from the command prompt: #sudo ./ Here’s the script: #!/bin/bash echo “shell: $SHELL” grep abc … Read more

Aspect and format of the console

Aspect and format of the console I would like to change the aspect and the format fo the shell used to launch the following code: Code: #include <windows.h> #include <stdio.h> … Read more