android – How to hide or NOT SHOW items in a Room Database based on a Boolean

I have a Todo Application and I want to hide (which basically means not showing) the tasks based on its completed status(strikeThrough over the text). However, the hideCompleted tasks implementation I followed isn’t working but the sort and search is working and I said this because I put all the Implementations in a single query … Read more

python – How to force item in RecycleView to show as selected in Kivy?

I have a recycleview of several thousand songs. I want to force a selection when I shuffle songs. I can force scrolling to the selected song by setting scroll_y but I cannot seem to get the item in the recycleview to display as selected as with the basic kivy recycleview example where you click on … Read more

excel – PowerQuery – How can i make my queries more compact or a better way to do show the same results?

Im wondering how i could make my queries be less queries. I have not created the queries inside Advanced Editor, but Ive started to look at this and try to use it more. I have a database called Source_VSL√∂senord, which has all tickets from a department, and another database called Source_Members which has both inactive … Read more

flutter – How to make floating SliverAppBar to show only collapsed bar?

Yes, it is. But, I guess not directly. You can use a ScrollController to achieve this. Attach a ScrollController to the CustomScrollViewthen observe the offset of the controller where the position is. And based on it, you can achieve the desired output. I have written a simple demo code which is the exact thing that … Read more