spring – Using JUnit Mocked ObjectMapper shows Null. java.lang.NullPointerException: objectMapper is null

First of all, I am new to UnitTest. When I mocked my objectMapper inside of the test. It returns me null. My last tests were the same structure. I believe I am using the corrupted junit. Intellij may be confused. Code ; public class ApiAuthenticationEntryPoint implements AuthenticationEntryPoint { ObjectMapper objectMapper; public ApiAuthenticationEntryPoint(ObjectMapper objectMapper) { this.objectMapper … Read more

jquery validation shows uncaught type error

Trying to implement jquery validation because I need to be able to validate hidden inputs. I initialize the plugin in document ready but on submit, I receive the following error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘type’) at a.validator.elementValue (jquery.validate.min.js:4:10471) at a.validator.check (jquery.validate.min.js:4:11074) at a.validator.checkForm (jquery.validate.min.js:4:7116) at a.validator.form (jquery.validate.min.js:4:6816) at HTMLFormElement.<anonymous> (jquery.validate.min.js:4:1146) at … Read more

arm64 – java process shows huge RSS consumption than expect in aarch64

Recently I publish a java process in aarch64, but found the RSS consumption is much more higher than deploy it on x86 environment. From the jvm args, the process can only allocate for about 7 GiB memory including heap and native, but the RSS of process reached for about 10GiB, and got killed by oom-killer. … Read more

xslt – XSL only shows first values

This is my XML <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <?xml-stylesheet type=”text/xsl” href=”practica4.xsl”?> <paises> <pais id=”p1″> <nombre>España</nombre> <continente>Europa</continente> <capital>Madrid</capital> <superficie>504750</superficie> <poblacion>39181114</poblacion> <ciudades> <ciudad>Barcelona</ciudad> <ciudad>Valencia</ciudad> <ciudad>Sevilla</ciudad> <ciudad>Zaragoza</ciudad> <ciudad>Bilbao</ciudad> </ciudades> <lenguas> <lengua>Español</lengua> <lengua>Catalan</lengua> <lengua>Euskera</lengua> <lengua>Asturiano</lengua> <lengua>Gallego</lengua> </lenguas> <religiones> <religion>Catolicos romanos</religion> </religiones> <moneda>Euro</moneda> <gobierno>Monarquía Constitucional</gobierno> </pais> <pais id=”p2″> <nombre>Francia</nombre> <continente>Europa</continente> <capital>Paris</capital> <superficie>547030</superficie> <poblacion>58317450</poblacion> <ciudades> <ciudad>Bordeaux</ciudad> <ciudad>Cannes</ciudad> <ciudad>Lyon</ciudad> <ciudad>Marseille</ciudad> <ciudad>Nantes</ciudad> <ciudad>Strasbourg</ciudad> </ciudades> … Read more