android – Recursive synthetic property accessor, Can’t get the size of list in PagingDataAdapter casue java.lang.StackOverflowError

In this app, I tried to use Paging3, Retrofit, and RXJava to get a list of popular movies, this is the link of API, the problem is in MoviesDataAdapter class when I didn’t override getItemCount fun the recyclerView didn’t show anything but the result showing in Log when I return item count, the AS shows … Read more

D3.js treemap wrong rectangle size

let data = { “name”: “Crustacea”, “value”: 0, “children”: [ { “name”: “Maxillopoda”, “value”: 195, “children”: [ { “name”: “Maxillopoda_X”, “value”: 0, “children”: [ { “name”: “Maxillopoda_X_sp.”, “value”: 448 } ] }, { “name”: “Acartia”, “value”: 0, “children”: [ { “name”: “Acartia_longiremis”, “value”: 6 }, { “name”: “Acartia_negligens”, “value”: 6 }, { “name”: “Acartia_danae”, “value”: … Read more

Contact from VS C++ to Excel VBA

May 10th, 2022, 01:00 PM #1 Contact from VS C++ to Excel VBA I’ve got an app written in Visual Studio C++ that deals with excel lines … Read more

Rendering a sprite in directx9

Rendering a sprite in directx9 Here a basic code for rendering a sprite in a window but it doesn’t work, could you help me? Code: #include <windows.h> #include <d3d9.h> #include <D3dx9math.h> … Read more

Kotlin/Native vs. C++ vs. Freepascal vs. Python: Measuring FPS, RAM and CPU Usage, Size of the Compiled Executable File Across Codebases | by Alex Maryin | May, 2022

A comparison Starfield animation of Python app Hello, everyone! As I promised in the first part of this blog-post series, I pleasure to welcome you into the second part of our journey where I am trying to find the truth comparing Kotlin/Native with C++, Freepascal, and Python through its performance with openGL graphics and coding … Read more