A small Android phone that surprisingly finds a market in Japan

Despite Balmuda’s history, the company is probably best known for its products like its relatively pricey toaster and electric kettle. So what happens when a modern design company wants to dip its toe into the smartphone market? It creates its smartphone, of course. The Balmuda Phone launched in Japan towards the tail end of 2021, … Read more

A small speaker with big sound

The Amazon Echo family is bigger today than ever. There really is something for everyone, from the tiny speaker to the massive display and everything in-between. It’s the former we’re looking at here, the smallest, most affordable member of the Amazon Echo family. Well strictly, that’s not quite true, the Echo Flex exists, but the … Read more

The Myth of Small Incremental Improvements | by Everett Griffiths | Apr, 2022

Incremental changes do not provide emergency exits for a failing system. It’s to recognize when a tool is not useful Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash You want an intro that goes straight for the jugular? Here’s one: Agile methodology’s veneration of small incremental improvements is bullshit. I am not here to worship waterfalls or … Read more