pine script – how to impliment smooth gap filling without “timeframe_gap”

I am currently trying to connect two scripts together and I’m a full noob at Pine I got two scripts of “Supertrend” & “Pivot points” that I’m trying to connect in one script, here is the source code for both of them: //@version=5 indicator(“Supertrend”, overlay=true, timeframe=””, timeframe_gaps=true) atrPeriod = input(10, “ATR Length”) factor = input.float(3.0, … Read more

javascript – How to get smooth transition of caraousel slides

Just add carousel-fade in your bootstrap class with the id of “sessionCarousel ” Heres an official example i tested your code and the transition effect works here. just run the code and try it yourself if that’s what you’re looking for Checkout the fade transition example Just change this change classes from transform to … Read more