The Vivo X90 Pro Plus is the first phone to feature the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

Although it’s only been a week since Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 announcement, Vivo has already unveiled the first flagship featuring the new SoC. The Vivo X90 Pro Plus is a camera-centric device that packs the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, several camera improvements over the Vivo X80 Pro from last year, and a couple … Read more

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is the next generation flagship SoC for Android smartphones in 2023

Qualcomm is the biggest chipset manufacturer in the Android world, and following on from last year’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the company launched the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1. This was one of the best mobile chipsets that we have ever tested, though it came with fierce competition from the likes of MediaTek. Now, though, … Read more

Benchmarking the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 on an Engineering Platform

In December 2021 at a launch event in Hawaii, we saw Qualcomm unveil the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. It packed more performance than ever, and the company also claimed performance improvements. However, it wasn’t that much more powerful than chipsets of previous years. Now the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 is here, and ASUS has … Read more

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Shoulder Buttons, 120W charging for $530!

I used to think gaming phones were gimmicks. I’m not talking about the initial batch of pre-iPhone era devices like the Nokia N-Gage or Gizmondo, nor early 2010s-era devices from Sony and Samsung with slide-out controllers. Those devices actually brought something new and different to the mobile market. I am instead referring to the recent … Read more