Is Visual Comparison Testing the Future?

Visual comparison testing, as the name implies, is the process of testing software applications by focusing on their visual components. It is part of the test strategy for most quality assurance (QA) teams, but the way it is implemented and the tools used differ widely. To optimize DevOps and QA workflows, the technical leadership has … Read more

Every Product Manager Must Know About Testing

Being responsible for the development and maintenance of a rapidly evolving tech product is arguably one of the most technical and fast-paced jobs out there. The fact that the whole landscape of relevant technologies is also evolving outside your company and product adds another layer of complexity to the mix. New devices, new features on … Read more

What Is Iterative and Incremental Development

Different types of projects have different management styles, organizational structures, and life cycles. There is no perfect one for each. Every project has its place, optimal balance, and development process, which can be either iterative, or with a high degree of change in the requirements and environment, or incremental, the one that delivers results on … Read more

Software Testing Is Vital to the Development Cycle

Thorough testing is critical to the development of any software product. It can cost companies order of magnitude much more to fix a bug in the wild than if they’d caught it early in development. These bugs cost money, lose customers, and tarnish your brand. Trust in your brand is critically important in B2B software; … Read more

Machine Learning Software Tools for Developers

Any specialized software in artificial intelligence, self-iterated data analysis, supervised learning, and other machine learning algorithms are considered machine learning software. Machine learning can be used in many software applications, including email classification or human-computer interaction. Machine learning software is available for modeling, designing, recruitment, and accounting. It can make all the difference between a … Read more

The Good and the Bad of .NET Development Framework

.NET development framework has gained a lot of popularity in the dev market. It is used by millions of developers to create a variety of software applications. The reason is that .NET offers a plethora of features to develop any type of software product as per the given requirements. Furthermore, the platform has seen great … Read more

What Are Ephemeral Environments? – DZone DevOps

Ephemeral environments are a growing trend because they can replace or reduce the time spent in staging environments, thus significantly cutting down on development costs. In this article, we’ll cover ephemeral environments, their benefits in the development cycle, and how Environment as a Service enables fast and reliable deployment. What Are Ephemeral Environments? Just like … Read more

Guide to DevSecOps and Their Importance in CI/CD

Leveraging continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), many businesses today automate the software development life cycle. CI/CD is a part of the DevOps process, which aims to accelerate software development while minimizing errors. Continuous delivery automates the entire software release process up to production, whereas continuous integration produces and tests code automatically. However, security still has … Read more

The Impacts of Blockchain on Software Development

Blockchain is the most reliable technology in recent times that caters to our responsibility of complying with the IT compliance obligations. Blockchain technology not only secures the data and transactions but also simplifies the processes involved in developing software products. This possibility of any intricate system becoming a part of a larger, more trustworthy network … Read more

Top 5 Datadog Integrations to Improve Efficiency

Datadog is an exceptional tool for DevOps teams, developers, and SREs. It’s suitable for a broad range of cloud applications of every size. However, despite its powerful capabilities, most businesses aren’t making the most of Datadog. Are you? Can you see how newly launched features are affecting user experience? Can you immediately see the root … Read more