Caching Across Layers in Software Architecture

The purpose of this article is to help readers understand what is caching, the problems it addresses, and how caching can be applied across layers of system architecture to solve some of the challenges faced by modern software systems. This article is aimed at software developers, technical managers, software architects, test engineers, or anyone else … Read more

Hyperautomation: Your Digital Transformation – DZone Performance

The concept of automation is constantly expanding as time passes. IT executives have already seen the potential of automation and how it makes the entire process smoother. They are now looking for new methods to use hyperautomation to fulfill digital transformation goals. As per a market study done by Global NEWSWIRE, in the next few … Read more

Securing Software Supply Chains on Kubernetes

Securing software supply chains remains a top priority for DevOps teams. In a prior post, we discussed the A MAP framework for Kubernetes supply chain security. In this post, we will discuss how supply chain security can be implemented using Nirmata Policy Manager and Venafi CodeSign Protect. With supply chain attacks on the rise, securing … Read more

Software Development With Innovative Technology

Continuous tech innovation is the new and persistent reality for businesses now. Companies are growing exponentially while automating their business workflows, streamlining business processes and smart marketing strategies, and delivering impeccable digital experiences to end customers. The evolving top-notch technologies, increasing business needs, and changing market trends have created a new era of digitalization. From … Read more

Software Development with Low Code Platform

Nowadays, business organizations are driven by the sole objective of gaining a competitive edge in a dynamic business ecosystem. They simply need innovative and futuristic workflow processes, products, and services, leveraging the latest technological developments. Now, every organization demands skilled professionals to complement its digital transformation needs. When it comes to making software products and … Read more

Creative Software Engineering Interviews | Stephen Walsh

A useful technique to keep interviews creative and interesting for all involved and some bonus tips for good measure Photo by Mapbox on Unsplash If you’re looking to grow through the ranks in your career as a software engineer, you’re only going to take on more responsibility over time. One consistent thing that happens for … Read more

A Lesson in Confidence: What I’ve Learned From Working at Google as a Software Engineer | by Zachary Allegretti | Jun, 2022

I wish I knew these things when I started Photo by author This coming July marks my 3rd year at Google. With my approaching Googleversary, I’ve been muting about my journey from an anxious new grad to a prosperous SWE. I joined in 2019 right after graduating from The Ohio State University with a BS … Read more

Software engineering estimates are garbage

Most software engineering estimates are garbage. That’s not because companies are using the wrong methods or tools. Work-breakdown structure or analogy-based? Mechanical or judgmental combination? Function, use case, or story points? SEER-SEM, WMFP, or Wideband Delphi? Fine. The tools aren’t the problem. Rather, most estimates are garbage because they’re based on a fundamentally flawed understanding … Read more