Create the Classic Space Invaders Game with JavaScript and HTML | by Nicolai B. Andersen | Jun, 2022

A tutorial to recreate Space Invaders with HTML and JavaScript A GIF showing the game created in the article. Do you want to add a simple 2D game to your website? Or do you want to learn the basics of creating 2D games? This article explains how to recreate the classic Space Invaders game for … Read more

javascript – Return only alphanumeric and normal space between words even for RTL

For any JavaScript environment that supports ECMAScript 2018+ standard, you can use .replace(/[^p{L}p{N}]+/gu, ” “) where /[^p{L}p{N}]+/gu matches multiple occurrences (g) of one or more (+) characters that are not Unicode letters (p{L}) and digits (p{N}). The u flag enables the use of Unicode property classes like p{…}. function simplifyUserName(name) { return name.toLowerCase().replace(/[^p{L}p{N}]+/gu, ” “).trim(); … Read more

Apple and Samsung battle it out in the entry flagship space

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 and Apple’s iPhone 13 are aimed at two groups of consumers: those who want a “new flagship” but don’t want to pay too much or consumers who don’t want a huge flagship phone. With both devices priced at $699 right now and with “just” 6.1-inch screens (this is measured diagonally, so the … Read more

How to Build a Simple CLI With Oclif

Salesforce developers have contributed much to the open-source community. Among their many contributions is an important, but perhaps lesser-known, project named oclif. The Open CLI Framework was announced in early 2018 and has since grown to become the foundation for the Salesforce CLI and the Heroku CLI. In this post, we will provide a brief … Read more

javascript – How to Add Space Between Product Card HTML

let circle = document.querySelector(“.color-option”); circle.addEventListener(“click”, (e)=>{ let target =; if(target.classList.contains(“circle”)){ circle.querySelector(“.active”).classList.remove(“active”); target.classList.add(“active”); document.querySelector(“.main-images .active”).classList.remove(“active”); document.querySelector(`.main-images .${}`).classList.add(“active”); } }); <style> @import url(‘;500;600&display=swap’); *{ margin: auto; padding: 0; box-sizing: border-box; font-family: ‘Poppins’, sans-serif; } body{ height: 100vh; display: flex; align-items: center; justify-content: center; background-image: linear-gradient(135deg, #43CBFF 10%, #9708CC 100%); } .product-card { position: relative; max-width: 355px; … Read more

Accelerating Similarity Search on Really Big Data with Vector Indexing (Part II)

Many popular artificial intelligence (AI) applications are powered by vector databases, from computer vision to new drug discovery. Indexing, a process of organizing data that drastically accelerates big data search, enables us to efficiently query million, billion, or even trillion-scale vector datasets. This article is supplementary to the previous blog, “Accelerating Similarity Search on Really … Read more

javascript – GSAP and scrollmagic how to reduce the space between one end and the next start

I did a codepen example of the scroll animation I’m doing on a website. Everything is working as intended: when the first div of text and image goes to opacity 0, the next one comes to opacity 1 in the same place as the last one. But what I need to fix is ​​that it’s … Read more

Data Insertion and Data Persistence in a Vector Database

Data Insertion and Data Persistence in a Vector Database. In the previous post in the Deep Dive series, we have introduced how data is processed in Milvus, the world’s most advanced vector database. This article will examine the components of data insertion, illustrate the data model in detail, and explain how data persistence is achieved … Read more