java – Get specific subclass fields from parent class with many subclasses?

Being able to refactor your Recipe-classes makes a lot easier for you. Just use OOP If you can, you should introduce an abstract method in the superclass with concrete implementations in subclasses: public abstract class Recipe{ public abstract String getIngredientMeasurementFromRecipe(String ingredient); } public class DessertRecipe extends Recipe{ @Override public String getIngredientMeasurementFromRecipe(String ingredient){ return switch(ingredient){ case … Read more

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How to navigate from a specific selected item RecyclerView Inside the Fragment, to 2 different Activity in Kotlin? i have the basic wireframe layout, who describe my question, because i don’t know how to explain with good typing. so here from the wireframe, i have 1 Activity with TabLayout, which is filled with Fragment and … Read more

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I am making one reminder application. when I set the time as in AM format. It works fine. Also when I set the alarm at tomorrow it works. but when I set the time as in PM format it gets fired instantly. I don’t understand why this is happening? If you want to see the … Read more

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I’ve been experimenting with the TikTok Scraper tool ( for a little while and, while I’m not an expert, I’ve been using R for some of the More simples analysis of the scraped data, but I’ve been experiencing issues with the scraped hashtags. Whenever I scrape data from, let’s say, an specific hashtag, I receive … Read more

bash – How to print a field containing a specific substring with awk?

Goal: To print fields from an input file to an output file, but with special regard to specific fields split by semicolons (;). Example Input (input.txt): NC_051336.1 Gnomon gene 40042 56215 . – . gene_id “LOC102552844”; transcript_id “”; db_xref “GeneID:102552844”; db_xref “RGD:7551986”; gbkey “Gene”; gene “LOC102552844”; gene_biotype “pseudogene”; pseudo “true”; NC_051336.1 BestRefSeq%2CGnomon gene 76909 85762 … Read more

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r – use dplyr to find a specific column matching the condition from another table

I have a criteria table: criteria <-data.frame( dx = c(0.244897959, 6.112244898), slim_frac = c(0L, 1L), klim = c(1L, 40L), frackhfrac = c(0L, 1L), por = c(0.04, 0.16), matrix_k_log = c(-11L, -2L), srv_perm_log = c(-6L, 1L), frac_perm_log = c(-3L, 4L), pb_init = c(0L, 10000L), bhp = c(200L, 2000L) I want to find all matching rows from … Read more

How We Benefited From Webhooks in a Specific Use Case Scenario | by Lucas Pereyra | Jun, 2022

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In my PoolListItem.jsx I have a table component with information of devices. However since I have a lot of information I want to display the less important ones on a modal when I click on a button. The body of the table looks like this inside a return: <tbody> { => ( <tr className={Styles.device}> … Read more