Price, specs, and everything else

At this year’s MWC, Lenovo introduced the latest iteration of the ThinkPad X1 Extreme, which is now up to Gen 5. This is one of Lenovo’s best ThinkPads, geared towards business professionals who need top-tier performance for things like 3D rendering and video editing . It’s also great if you want a machine that can … Read more

Intel 13th-Gen Raptor Lake Release date, Benchmarks, Specs, and more!

Intel’s new 12th-gen Alder Lake CPUs are still relatively new to the market. Some of the Alder Lake chips including the Core i5-12600K and the Core i9-12900K are holding the top spots in our collection of the best CPUs on the market. That being said, there’s no shortage of rumors and speculations about Intel’s next-generation … Read more