sqlite – Mobile app in Python with Kivy-md(navigation drawer), runs well on laptop but crashes on android phone after the splash screen. Please guide

I have developed this Python Kivy/Kivymd mobile app and is on android phone but the app crashing after displaying the logo, i have used navigation drawer in kivym to create a menu of options.plz check my main.py and kv file and the buildozer and suggest for any changes.Plz guide me on this earliest possible.This is … Read more

android – Expo standalone application stuck on splash screen after build

SDK Version:44.0.0 Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android Engine: Hermes Tried to build expo locally using Turtle-CI and I was met with a stuck SplashScreen when I installed in on my android S10. I opened android studio debugger and checked the errors; I got the following error: Failed to clear legacy OkHttp cache java.io.IOException: not a readable directory: /data/user/0/com.myCompany.MyApp/files/okhttp … Read more