Find shortest wildcards for list of strings against a master list by prefix in Python

This is not a full answer, but is what OpenAI’s Davinci coding system was able to come up with in a few tries. (It’s free to use right now!) Some modifications to this approach should actually be correct. ”’ As input, I have: A master list of strings (in this case, the names of API … Read more

4 Domains of Knowledge You Should Know About Strings in Python | by Yong Cui | May, 2022

A high-level review of your knowledge about Python strings Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash Texts are the most fundamental form of information exchange. No matter what applications you’re building, you’ll inevitably deal with textual information in some ways. Thus, it’s critical for you to have a good understanding of the essential techniques in using … Read more

[python] Best way to remove random length strings from a file with similar starting text. : learnprogramming

Okay, So i have an exported bookmarks.html file from chrome. I want to clean it up a little by removing these stupidly long strings of useless ICON text. I’m not sure if I should use regex or if there is a better solution. The problem is the ICON encoded strings are random lengths. Is there … Read more

How to get all fuzzy matching substrings between two strings in python?

Here is a code to calculate the similarity by fuzzy ratio between the sub-string of string1 and full-string of string2. The code can also handle sub-string of string2 and full-string of string1 and also sub-string of string1 and sub-string of string2. This one uses nltk to generate ngrams. Typical algorithm: Generate ngrams from the given … Read more