Web Scraping Using C# and .NET. Turn web pages into structured data | by Martin Cerruti | Jul, 2022

Turn web pages into structured data Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash Even though C# has established itself as a reliable programming language, mostly in the realms of back-end applications, it isn’t the first language that comes to mind when you’re looking to build a web scraper. While C#’s rigid type system may feel inflexible … Read more

python – Problems writing with pyspark’s writeStream function (Spark Structured Streaming) in MongoDB

I am trying to write in a MongoDB database tweets transmitted with kafka with the writeStream function of pyspark but my code does not work. I have the following versions: Spark 3.2.1 kafka 3.2.0 Python 3.8.13 MongoDB shell version v5.0.9 I tried my code with MongoDB Connector for Spark V3.0 and V10.0 . The Mongodb … Read more