elasticsearch – Nest Sum aggregation with sub terms aggregation

I created aggregations includes a terms aggregate with a sum aggregate for each term bucket and will sort on the sum value. This works fine. However if I add a nested terms aggregation which is the second commented block in the code snippet. It fails with this error message “{“type”:”aggregation_execution_exception”,”reason”:”Invalid aggregation order path [AggCPUTimeMS].}” and … Read more

javascript – Why my app crashing after setting weights lower than previous? `const sum = weightGrades.reduce((acc, item) => acc + item.grade, 0);`

I have my app live on vercel. When I change weights to lower than previous (zmień wagi button), it shows TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘reduce’). How to fix it? I’v pasted here all code nesesary to fix it. Main problem shows at const sum = weightGrades.reduce((acc, item) => acc + item.grade, 0); … Read more

Sum of value in lists using c# — BlackJack

I’m creating this Blackjack game and I’m having trouble calculating the total value of both the dealer and player. I’ve created a method to calculate the value for both the player(PlayerTotalCalculate) and the dealerDealerTotalCalculate) using forloops. When I run the program, the first sequence of cards are added up correctly, but when I “HIT” to … Read more

How to sum the values ​​of items in a listview and get the sum value in a textview in android studio?

I have a listview with 8 subitems in each item of listview. I have implemented a listview using a custom adapter. there is an increment decrement button for a number in a listview item which when incremented or decremented multiplies its value with all other subitems of that list. I want to get the sum … Read more