javascript – “The script completed but the returned value is not a supported return type.”

I created a very simple app script that returns ContentService.createTextOutput(“Hello”), associated it with a Google Cloud project, and created a JavaScript program to get the return value. I can successfully execute, deploy, and use the link from the deploy screen and everything works as expected. The JavaScript program returns “The script completed but the returned … Read more

java – Content type ‘application/octet-stream’ not supported for bodyType when using MockServer in spring boot

I am trying to test the serialization of responses between two microservices. For that I want my mocked service to return a predefined response every time a post request to a specific path is made, but it throws errors. I tried pretty much everything in my power so far so I turn to thy oh … Read more

Why Optional and @PathVariable combination is not supported by Spring/java?

I would like to make an api the could accept two Path variables and one of them could be optional. In this article they said that we can achieve this by using Optional but this not working here is my Controller @GetMapping(“/users/{dateDu}/{dateAu}”) public ResponseEntity<List<User>> getAllUsersByDate( @PathVariable LocalDate dateDu, @PathVariable(required = false) Optional<LocalDate> dateAu, @org.springdoc.api.annotations.ParameterObject Pageable … Read more