Share Swift Code Between Client and Vapor Server | by Riccardo Cipolleschi | Aug, 2022

Set up a project with Vapor sharing most code Photo by Abdelrahman Sobhy on Unsplash One aspect of Swift that I haven’t studied yet is server-side development. One of the most famous frameworks for it is Vapor. Vapor is written in Swift, and it comes with all the standard server-side APIs: routing, request handling, validation, … Read more

swift – “The given data was not valid JSON.”, underlyingError: Optional(Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=3840 JsonDecoder can’t decode

class NewsService { func fetchNews() throws -> [News] { let data = Data(JsonData.data1.utf8) do { return try JSONDecoder().decode(NewsResponse.self, from: data).data } catch { print(error) throw error } } } struct JsonData { static let data0 = “”” { “data”: [ { “news_url”: “”, “image_url”: “”, “title”: “What Is Holding Back China Stimulus?”, “text”: “One of … Read more

Design a Nice Horizontal Sliding Presentation for iOS Using Swift 5 | by Margels | Jul, 2022

Design Dribbble-like UIs for your iOS App — Part 1 Thank you Maria Lupan for the nice photograph in the background! Hello there! It’s me again, with yet another tutorial for your iOS Apps. Hope you haven’t grown tired of them yet, because today I came up with a nice solution to a very common … Read more

Refactor a Swift Codebase Using SOLID Principles — in an Iterative Way | by PTeng | Jun, 2022

Let’s build a fictitious HR system in Swift SOLID principles in software parlance is not just a buzzword but something that scalable software development cannot live without. In a software’s lifetime, most of the cost of the software development is spent on maintaining the software. So as developers we want to build something that is … Read more

Better Performance in Swift Using Task Groups | by Simone Giordano

How to drastically improve the performance of your iOS apps using the power of concurrency Photo by Haithem Ferdi on Unsplash The capability of building apps and softwares that rely on parallel computations has yet to be fully explored. The technologies offered by Grand Central Dispatch are available since 2009, which is earlier than the … Read more

swift – Why so many debug error using ARKit and RealityKit?

You can get rid of some messages if you use ARView instead of some UIView: func makeUIView(context: Context) -> ARView { … } func updateUIView(_ uiView: ARView, context: Context) { … } You should ignore the rest of the console messages, since Xcode 13.3 generates them even if you have a completely empty scene in … Read more

swift – High-Quality Rendering – RealityKit vs SceneKit vs Metal

Updated: May 23, 2022. TL;DR RealityKit is the youngest SDK in Apple family of rendering technologies. This high-level framework was released in 2019. RealityKit is made for AR/VR projects, has simplified settings for multi-user experience and can be used on iOS/macOS. Performs multithreaded rendering. There’s no Objective-C legacy, RealityKit supports only Swift, and rather declarative … Read more

uicollectionview – Adding Leading and Trailing in to swift image view

I am want to add the leading and trailing into image view . The image view properties pass from collection view cell. I have tried the following to add the leading and trailing but still the leading and trilling not added into image view. //imageView.leftAnchor.constraint(equalTo: view.leftAnchor , constant: 10), //imageView.rightAnchor.constraint(equalTo: view.rightAnchor,constant: 10), imageView.leadingAnchor.constraint(equalToSystemSpacingAfter: view.leadingAnchor, multiplier: … Read more