Samsung, please make a Galaxy Z Fold Ultra with a true flagship camera system

Samsung is the pioneer of foldable phones, and its inner folding design language laid the path on which all other Chinese foldables have followed. But a good case can be made that, in the last couple of years, foldables from brands like Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo have surpassed the Galaxy Z Fold series in pure … Read more

Building a Slack Integration for Your SaaS Notification System

For many organizations, Slack is the software of choice for business communication. Slack’s ubiquity in modern companies makes it one of the first notification integrations a SaaS company might want to build, possibly after email and mobile push notifications. In our experience, Slack notifications are a great way to reach business users (as Slack is … Read more

Partitioning for performance in a sharding database system

In a previous post, I described a sharding system to scale throughput and performance for query and ingest workloads. In this post, I will introduce another common technique, partitioning, that provides further advantages in performance and management for a sharding database. I will also describe how to handle partitions efficiencies for both query and ingest … Read more

python – GUI system design for editing properties of items in a list using PyQt5

Looking for insight on implementing a GUI that allows users to edit the properties for any # of items in a list. The properties between each item are the same and the user also specifies the # of items. I’ve tried using the QStackedWidget to represent the layout of properties for a list item as … Read more

Building an Icon System in React. Migrating svg icons from `symbol` to… | by Massimo Cassandro | Jul, 2022

Migrating svg icons from `symbol` to React components: a simple Gulp workflow to build an icon set starting from Figma or Sketch Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash One of the tasks I always face when starting new projects is defining an icon system. As a designer, I aim to be in control of all … Read more

python 3.x – Tile based lighting system 2d

For 2D games like you’re making, how we could apply lighting – more like, shadowing – could go into 2 options: Change screen color to shadow color & set transparency to objects, as OP suggested Sandwich entire thing between screen and light layer Let’s start with problem of 1st option: Problem of setting transparency Here’s … Read more