python 3.x – Tile based lighting system 2d

For 2D games like you’re making, how we could apply lighting – more like, shadowing – could go into 2 options: Change screen color to shadow color & set transparency to objects, as OP suggested Sandwich entire thing between screen and light layer Let’s start with problem of 1st option: Problem of setting transparency Here’s … Read more

Develop a Daily Reporting System for Chaos Mesh

Chaos Mesh is a cloud-native chaos engineering platform that orchestrates chaos experiments on Kubernetes environments. It allows you to test the resilience of your system by simulating problems such as network faults, file system faults, and Pod faults. After each chaos experiment, you can review the testing results by checking the logs. But this approach … Read more

System Hardening Standards, Best Practices: Chef

If you have anything to do with IT infrastructure, operations management, or DevOps, you’ve certainly come across the term “system hardening.” While system hardening seems like a regular everyday activity in large IT teams with diverse infrastructure, the use and benefits cover a wide range of functions that secure your systems. This blog explores what … Read more

python – How do I execute a program or call a system command?

How to execute a program or call a system command from Python Simple, use subprocess.runwhich returns a CompletedProcess object: >>> from subprocess import run >>> from shlex import split >>> completed_process = run(split(‘python –version’)) Python 3.8.8 >>> completed_process CompletedProcess(args=[‘python’, ‘–version’], returncode=0) (run wants a list of lexically parsed shell arguments – this is what you’d … Read more

How To Build an Anime Recommender System With Embeddinghub | by Rahul Banerjee | May, 2022

Use a KNN algorithm to recommend anime to users Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash A common problem in applied machine learning is how to recommend items in a database to users based on their past behavior. Features like text or categories need to be converted into a numerical feature and then embedded so models … Read more

javascript – Angular 8: ng build production stuck at 11% and system hangs not able to create production build

{ “header”: { “reportVersion”: 1, “event”: “Allocation failed – JavaScript heap out of memory”, “trigger”: “FatalError”, “filename”: “report.20220504.181012.9143.0.001.json”, “dumpEventTime”: “2022-05-04T18:10:12Z”, “dumpEventTimeStamp”: “1651668012959”, “processId”: 9143, “cwd”: “/home/reinforce/Documents/DMSbyHDA/LMS-BUILD”, “commandLine”: [ “/usr/local/bin/node”, “/home/reinforce/Documents/DMSbyHDA/LMS-BUILD/node_modules/jest-worker/build/workers/processChild.js” ], “nodejsVersion”: “v12.14.1”, “glibcVersionRuntime”: “2.23”, “glibcVersionCompiler”: “2.17”, “wordSize”: 64, “arch”: “x64”, “platform”: “linux”, “componentVersions”: { “node”: “12.14.1”, “v8”: “”, “uv”: “1.33.1”, “zlib”: “1.2.11”, “brotli”: “1.0.7”, … Read more

Creating Your Own E-Commerce Keystone.js-Based System — Build a Cart | by Maciej Krawczyk | Apr, 2022

Next steps in our journey to create our own e-commerce system Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash Some time ago I had a wild idea to use Kesytone.js to build an e-commerce system. This journey started a couple of weeks ago, and until now we’ve talked about system requirements, environment setup and base models, and … Read more