What You Should Know About Table Partition Pruning

Table partitioning is a very handy feature supported by several databases, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and YugabyteDB. This feature is useful when you need to split a large table into smaller independent pieces called partitioned tables or partitions. If you’re not familiar with this feature yet, consider the following simple example. Let’s pretend you develop … Read more

python – Create new column with min as values ​​in pivot table – Pandas Dataframe

I need to get the min values(rank) for each row and create a new column for it, in a specific location in a data frame. values = [ { “rank”: 5, “keyword”: “brillenreiniger ultraschallbad”, “volume”: 566, “asin”: “B08LCB95V8”, “parent_asin”: “B08LCD86RD” }, { “rank”: 20, “keyword”: “brillenreiniger ultraschallbad”, “volume”: 566, “asin”: “B08LCB95V8”, “parent_asin”: “B08LCD86RD” }, { … Read more

javascript – React table with sorting and pagination doesn’t update

I am making a simple table in react where I have pagination (separate component) and sorting. The table should sort update when table header is clicked. It changes state of data. The data is sorted but it doesn’t update. The table is rerendered when I change page (pagination component) and it does have sorted data. … Read more

r – use dplyr to find a specific column matching the condition from another table

I have a criteria table: criteria <-data.frame( dx = c(0.244897959, 6.112244898), slim_frac = c(0L, 1L), klim = c(1L, 40L), frackhfrac = c(0L, 1L), por = c(0.04, 0.16), matrix_k_log = c(-11L, -2L), srv_perm_log = c(-6L, 1L), frac_perm_log = c(-3L, 4L), pb_init = c(0L, 10000L), bhp = c(200L, 2000L) I want to find all matching rows from … Read more

java – how to create JTables with POJOs with a composite key with a single table model

I’m trying to implement the use of reflection and annotations, just like the solution suggested by ardayigit on how to create a JTable with POJOs with a single table model, but the problem comes with the first field of Person, which is a two-field composite key of type PersonId. Here is the extract for creating … Read more

java – JPA/Hibernate & Micronaut, Uppercased Table Name Not Found

Micronaut/JPA/Hibernate is lowercasing the name of my database table and throwing an error on startup saying the table can’t be found. The table is there, but it’s named in uppercase. How do I configure micronaut/jpa/hibernate to respect the case of my table name & not lowercase it? I have an existing table WIDGET in a … Read more