Just when Samsung had closed the Android tablet gap, Apple widens it again with iPadOS 16

It is very debatable whether iPhones are actually the best smartphones, or if Macs are better than Windows machines. But when it comes to tablets, even the biggest Apple haters (or Windows/Android fans) have conceded that the iPad is indeed the best tablet. This has as much to do with the competition failing as Apple … Read more

Apple iPad Air 5 (2022) vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: Which tablet should you buy?

Apple and Samsung are two big names in the world of smartphones and tablets. In fact, many people associate Android with Samsung — rather than Google. Both manufacturers build solid products and cater to different audiences in this department. Apple recently released the iPad Air 5 (2022) — an M1-powered tablet with a middle-range price … Read more

Which M1 tablet should you buy?

iPads are great devices for executing plenty of various tasks. Whether you’re looking to play games, read eBooks, attend online classes or work meetings, write the next best-selling novel, or even develop and publish iOS apps, these versatile tablets can help you with all of that. Choosing which iPad to buy can be pretty confusing, … Read more

E-Ink display meets Android tablet

If you’ve ever used an e-ink display, it was probably on something like an Amazon Kindle. They have a few advantages over normal displays, though they’re very specific. They’re capable of wide viewing angles with a really low power draw and exceptional daylight visibility, but the advantages stop right about there. Aside from their intended … Read more