Supabase and Angular Quickstart Guide

This example provides the steps to build a simple user management app (from scratch!) using Supabase and Angular. It includes: Supabase Database: a Postgres database for storing your user data. Supabase Auth: users can sign in with magic links (no passwords, only email). Supabase Storage: users can upload a photo. Row Level Security: data is … Read more

Azure pipeline iteration for ARM template Parameters

I have a bicep file as below to create role assignment to resourceGroup scope using azure devops pipeline. main.bicep targetScope=”resourceGroup” @description(‘Principal type of the assignee.’) @allowed([ ‘Device’ ‘ForeignGroup’ ‘Group’ ‘ServicePrincipal’ ‘User’ ]) param principalType string @description(‘the id for the role defintion, to define what permission should be assigned’) param RoleDefinitionId string @description(‘the id of the … Read more

azure – Assigning Static Ip to nic(copy loop) in ARM template

I am trying to change dynamic private ip assigned VM to Static IP via ARM template. It works for a single vm. But facing issue for multiple VM’s deployment. I am trying nested deployment. The error I am facing is: The template reference “nic-“somevmname”-01″ is not valid: could not find template resource or resource copy … Read more

controller – UrllinksController#create is missing a template for this request format and variant. request.formats: [“text/html”] request.variant: []

I have a controller for urllinks and home and have a view for create.js.erb. Showing error when I click on Create Short Link. Controllers/UrllinksController class UrllinksController < ApplicationController # is looking for instant variables that have been set # Using create method as a JS Endpoint # by rendering JS template back to the server … Read more

javascript – What is the issue with the workbook template

I tried to deploy the workbook nothing happens after i click apply, what is the issue with this workbook { “$schema”: “”, “contentVersion”: “”, “parameters”: { “location”: { “type”: “string”, “defaultValue”: “” }, “resourcegroup”: { “type”: “string”, “defaultValue”: “” }, “subscriptionId”: { “type”: “string”, “defaultValue”: “” }, “workspace”: { “type”: “string”, “defaultValue”: “” }, “workspaceapiversion”: … Read more

How To Use Vue Template Refs to Access HTML Elements

Vue gives us a lot of powerful features when it comes to manipulating the DOM. It simplifies the job of maintaining states, to creating UIs which are easy to maintain, and fun to use. One thing Vue does really well is removing the need for direct DOM manipulation. Sometimes, though, we still need to manipulate … Read more