Testing Multi Experience Apps using Device Cloud

Multi-experience (MX) applications are shaping the future of web and mobile applications by making them more immersive and interactive. With multi-experience applications, users can interact with a brand or business in a variety of ways, using a variety of devices and platforms. Super-apps like WeChat and Paytm are growing in popularity because of the range … Read more

Getting Started With Testing Types in TypeScript | by Nic Jennings | Aug, 2022

A guide on testing advanced types such as Generics or Conditional Types in TypeScript Source As soon as you start writing more advanced types such as Generics or Conditional Types in TypeScript then it should become a crucial step in checking that your type is doing exactly what you expect. Testing Types is a little … Read more

Is Visual Comparison Testing the Future?

Visual comparison testing, as the name implies, is the process of testing software applications by focusing on their visual components. It is part of the test strategy for most quality assurance (QA) teams, but the way it is implemented and the tools used differ widely. To optimize DevOps and QA workflows, the technical leadership has … Read more

Every Product Manager Must Know About Testing

Being responsible for the development and maintenance of a rapidly evolving tech product is arguably one of the most technical and fast-paced jobs out there. The fact that the whole landscape of relevant technologies is also evolving outside your company and product adds another layer of complexity to the mix. New devices, new features on … Read more

Software Testing Is Vital to the Development Cycle

Thorough testing is critical to the development of any software product. It can cost companies order of magnitude much more to fix a bug in the wild than if they’d caught it early in development. These bugs cost money, lose customers, and tarnish your brand. Trust in your brand is critically important in B2B software; … Read more

Unit Testing Test Doubles and Exploring the Mocking Framework in Kotlin | by Haitham Ayyash | Aug, 2022

An in-depth guide to this helpful program Photo by Mari Helin on Unsplash If you don’t know anything about unit testing, you can look at my previous articles: The Basics of Android Unit Testing and Android Unit Testing — Choosing Naming Convention and Test Cases. Test Doubles are used to substitute external dependencies for the … Read more

Testing a Django Application With Pytest | by Akshar Raaj | Aug, 2022

Adding tests to Django polls app using Pytest In this post, we will learn how to use pytest with Django. We will write tests for Django polls application. Polls application is the official getting started tutorial for Django. Hence, we choose it over something else. We are using Python 3.10 and Django 4.0. The polls … Read more

Azure Databricks Automated Testing – DZone Big Data

We all know how important data testing is in this digital transformation world. ETL testing mainly consists of ensuring that data has safely traveled from its source to its destination. Data processing is prone to errors, and you may end up with some data loss, corrupted, or irrelevant data as a result of various issues … Read more

Testing Ansible Roles Locally With Molecule on Linux and Windows | by DrPsychick | Jul, 2022

Ansible | Testing | Molecule | libvirt | Docker Speed ​​up your development cycles and release with confidence Photo by Ryland Dean on Unsplash Wherever I was crossing Ansible in my professional life, the people using it always faced the same challenges. While everybody wants an Ansible setup that allows a reliable, reproducible, and flexible … Read more

Testing Strategies for Microservices – DZone DevOps

A microservice application is a group of distributed programs that communicate over networks, occasionally interfacing with third-party services and databases. Microservices, by their networked nature, provide more points of failure than a traditional monolith. As a result of this, we need a different, broader approach to testing. So, how do we test a microservice application? … Read more