java – Camel Route read Mail by call url IMAP Server, but will throw RuntimeCamelException if Content-Transfer-Encoding:quoted-printable

everyone. I have an application using camel route to call url IMAP to read mail and retrieve content, from(“{{route1.imap.protocol}}://{{}}?username={{route1.imap.username}}&password={{route1.imap.password}}&consumer.delay={{route1.consumer.delay}}&fetchSize={{route1.fetchSize}}{{route1.otherOptions}}”)” , most of the emails are read successfully by the application. But recently, we have encountered the client sends email with Content-Transfer-Encoding:quoted-printablethen the application will throw RuntimeCamelException org.apache.camel.RuntimeCamelException: Failed to extract body due to: Unknown encoding: … Read more

Sending Posix message via pipe

Sending Posix message via pipe I have the following file called helper.h, which I want to call in server and client files later. Code: #ifndef HELPER_H #include <iostream> … Read more