Reaper 3.0 for Apache Cassandra Is Available

The K8ssandra team is pleased to announce the release of Reaper 3.1. Let’s dive into the features and improvements that 3.0 recently introduced (along with some notable removals) and how the newest update to 3.1 builds on that. JDK11 Support Starting with 3.1.0, Reaper can now compile and run with jdk11. Note that jdk8 is … Read more

linux – When using cilium as Kubernetes network CNI, the coredns is running but not-ready, healthcheck failed and plugin/errors HINFO: read udp i/o timeout

I find some error when using Cilium as Kubernetes network. Cilium: 1.11.6 Kubernetes: 1.23.0 Describe The step of create cluster as follow: Use kubeadm –config kubeadm.conf init cluster: kind: InitConfiguration localAPIEndpoint: advertiseAddress: bindPort: 6443 nodeRegistration: criSocket: /var/run/dockershim.sock imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent name: nm taints: null — apiServer: timeoutForControlPlane: 4m0s apiVersion: certificatesDir: /etc/kubernetes/pki clusterName: kubernetes controllerManager: … Read more

java – Terminate a Stream when there is no incoming Data after a certain Timeout

EDIT: My original answer (below) operated at the readLine() level, but on second thoughts it can be nicer to operate on the Stream level. Here is an approach that operates on Streams. The core function is takeUntilTime(Stream<T> stream, Instant end), and the rest are small helpers. The idea is to traverse the original stream using … Read more