python – From DatetimeIndex to list of times

My objective is to have a lists of times (in seconds), already packaged in lists of times in 5 minutes for a whole day. This is my code to package the whole day of “2016-07-08” by 5 minutes : pd.date_range(‘2016-07-08 00:00:00’, ‘2016-07-08 23:59:00′, freq=’5Min’) The result : DatetimeIndex([‘2016-07-08 00:00:00’, ‘2016-07-08 00:05:00’, ‘2016-07-08 00:10:00’, ‘2016-07-08 00:15:00’, … Read more

java – parsing json Object but data added two times in arralist in android studio kotlin

I am parsing Json data in an Arraylist but data added two times i removed temp.addAll(value) line but Nothing happened.please help me and answers should be in Kotlin if Possible. here is the code Pojo classes: class Restaurant_info ( val id :String?=null, val name :String?=null, val rating : String?=null, val cost_for_one: String?=null, val image_url: String?=null … Read more

Windows 11 build 220000.652 fixes long boot times, subtitles, and more

Microsoft has released this month’s optional cumulative update for Windows 11 users, bringing along a handful of significant fixes to the experience. The latest update brings the Windows 11 build number up to 22000.652, and it’s essentially the same update that was rolled out to Insiders in the Release Preview channel a couple of weeks … Read more