html – JavaScript ToDo List Help- Priority and Date

//Selectors var todoInput = document.querySelector(“.todo-input”); var dateInput = document.querySelector(“.todo-date”); var todoButton = document.querySelector(“.todo-button”); var todoList = document.querySelector(“.todo-list”); var filterOption = document.querySelector(“.filter-todo”); //Event Listener todoButton.addEventListener(“click”, addTodo); todoList.addEventListener(“click”, deleteCheck); filterOption.addEventListener(“click”, filterTodo); //Functions // Add ToDo Function function addTodo(e) { // Prevent form from submitting e.preventDefault(); // Todo Div var todoDiv = document.createElement(“div”); todoDiv.classList.add(“todo”); // Create Li var … Read more

Build a Todo App Using a Microservices Architecture and Use Auth Service to Protect Its Routes | by Alessandro Mangone | Jun, 2022

Use auth service to verify the JWT token and protect your other microservices (Lab01 — part 2) Photo by King’s Church International on Unsplash In part one I showed how to build an auth microservices using Django, protecting his routes with a decorator to verify if the user is authorized to interact with his views. … Read more